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Dr Dennis Charlebois


Dr. Charlebois is the founder and Managing Partner of d6 Consulting Group. With over 25 years in high technology and many years of extensive academic research, Dennis has developed a number of quick and affordable techniques to create lasting value for your business.


Dennis was VP/GM of the Big Data/Analytics business unit at Hexis Cyber Solutions. Head of Strategy & Planning at Cisco for IT Security. GM for Safety & Security at Cisco. VP of Marketing & Product Management at BroadWare. SVP/GM Secure wireless applications at Certicom. Group President of DRS Technologies Data Systems, SVP/President Xetron Division of Pittway. Various roles at Johnson Controls



Big Data solutions for compliance (HIPPA, PCI, FISMA, SOX) &

Security analytics

Open Source (Hadoop ecosystem)

IT Security – Network Security, Content Security, Web Security

Cyber Security, Advanced Threats, SOCs
Streaming Video & Video on Demand. 
IoT applications – Smart Grid, Industrial control
Realtime alerting in globally distributed systems with millions of endpoints

Enterprise software, Cloud, XaaS

Storage Systems

Energy Cnservation, Energy Management



Health care – Humana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, St Joseph’s,
Municipalities – Song Do (Korea), Toronto, Chongqing (China),Moscow
SLED – UCLA, Univ of Virginia, Middlesex Univ (UK), Stanford Univ, Oakland Unified Schools
Telecommunications – AT&T, Comcast, Telecom Italia, NTT DoCoMo, Hutchinson, SingTel, Verizon
Aerospace/LSI’s – Lockheed, General Dynamics, SAIC, Northrop, Boeing, EADS (Europe)
Technology – Intel, IBM, HP
Automotive – Honda, Toyota, Nissan
PetroChem – Chevron, Standard Oil, Aramco, PetroBras, StatOil, Conoco-Philips
Energy – CUPC, Excelon, PG&E, SoCal Edison, Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light

Dennis holds a BS in Engineering from Carleton University, a MS in Engineering from University of Ottawa, an MBA from Pepperdine University, an MA in Management and a Ph.D. in Executive Management from Claremont Graduate University-Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center.


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