Project List

Project List

Fortune 250 IT Services Company

Created rebranding strategy for artificial intelligence platform including Go-To-Market plans, collateral, demand generation

Big Data/Cybersecurity Company

Developed reference architecture for big data/analytics platform using open-source components. Built cybersecurityi applications for forensic investigation and insider threat detection

Fortune 100 Networking Company

Developed integrated product development strategies to create next generation technology platform for integrated security. Formalized development processes, hired teams, rationalized existing technologies, did worldwide business development. Also developed worldwide competitive strategy for IT security establishing content availability, collaboration work processes, and cultural intensity enhancing competitiveness.

Developed global strategy to better compete and drive differentiation in core IT security market. Created network of SMEs, push-pull model for intelligence gathering, deal escalation processes, and rationalized input to product development.

Video on Demand Content Provider

Developed reference architecture for support of VOD business including paywall, content hosting and streaming. Included making deals with original content providers, licensees

Digital Video Surveillance Manufacturer

Developed technology and product development roadmaps. Defined vertical market focus. Developed & implemented outbound marketing strategies

Commercialization of Military Technology

Technology spinoff. Formulate business plan, validate markets, hire/develop internal team, develop strategic alliances, attract key customers

Product/Technology Roadmap ERP Middleware

Architect software end-to-end solution to support deployment of mobile workflow automation tools. Include interoperability with key hardware and software platforms

5 Yr Strategy for $90 Million System Integrator

Work with BOD and Management Team to develop long term vision of company, identify growth opportunities, and author family of comprehensive Strategic Business plans, financial plans, and restructuring of operations

Venture Capital Investment - Series A

Develop business concept, business model. Validate value propositions with potential customers. Develop investor materials. Make introductions to target venture capital firms

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