Organizations as Systems


Every company is different and every situation unique. Best practices are valuable benchmarks but cookie cutter approaches, no matter how well conceived, rarely achieve consistent results because business variables, organizational elements, and human behavior vary. In many ways companies can be viewed as “Organic Systems”...always changing, always growing. Because of this, systems theory can help deepen our understanding of how these constantly changing elements and variables interact with each other and affect overall organizational (system) results. d6 Consulting Group uses a unique systems-approach to helping businesses create sustainable value by considering all aspects of the business when formulating even small changes. It combines a wealth of real life experience coupled with rigorous analytical methodology to achieve measurable and lasting results.


Services Portfolio

Strategy Formulation and Strategy Alignment
Despite good intentions, as much as 50% of organizational energy is wasted on actions that have little or nothing to with moving companies along the path towards achieving their vision. Strategies become misaligned over time as parts of the organization sub-optimize towards their specific set of priorities. A Strategic Alignment Assessment (SAA) can help assess the current state of an organization's strategies the provide measures to re-align them, which can accelerate the achievement of corporate goals and objectives

  • Alignment of company resources with the right initiatives
  • Market Analysis (sizing, segmentation, TAM evaluation, etc)
  • Development of a Strategy “culture”
  • “Quick strategy” solutions when there is no time for traditional strategic planning approaches
  • Idea mapping
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategic Benchmarking
  • Strategic Vectoring
  • Strategic Scenario Analysis

Product Development Services
d6 provides comprehensive analysis of markets, customer segments, and industries to determine what solutions, products and services need to be created to fulfill whole offers that provide compelling value to customers

  • Customer Needs Analysis, Requirements Definition
  • Product Development Methodologies (Agile, SAFe, Waterfall, Hybrid)
  • Product & Technology Roadmaps
  • Product/Service Portfolio Optimization, Gap Filling
  • Strategic Technology and Distribution Alliances (Whole Offier)
  • Licensing and Technology Sharing
  • Program Management
  • Price Optimization, Value Extraction Models
  • Launch & Go-To-Market Strategies for New Products & Services
  • De-commoditization of Product & Services
  • Competitive Counterinsurgency

Strategic Marketing, Market Planning, Market Analysis
d6 provides effective strategies driving Awareness, Reputation, Interest and Demand for products and services

  • Market Intelligence Creating Industry Taxonomy and Competitive Landscape
  • Brand Assessment, Brand Evolution
  • Strategies on Working with Analysts to Increase Visibility and Reputation
  • Alignment of Marketing in Field, Corporate, Product, Channel
  • SEO/SEM, Social Media, Blogging, Digital Marketing
  • Optimization of Digital Asset Discovery
  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Integrated Lead Generation & Qualification Programs
  • Sales Enablement
  • Collateral Development

Operational Services
d6 provides assistance in creating an efficient organizational structure

  • Outsourcing of Software Development and/or Manufacturing
  • Recruiting Channel Partners
  • Finanical Restructuring to Optimize Efficient Use of Capital
  • Quality Measurement and Quality Control Systems
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Work Process Reegineering
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